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10 key things to do to get your organisation ready for Power Platform adoption

Do you think you have rock-solid governance in your org? Maybe you have a few data policies in place! GREAT, but let's lift the lid on this and get a bit deeper into some of the top 10 things you, as a power platform admin or power user, can do to create a much safer space for makers to create useful things.

In this session, we will break some of the perspectives you may have and shatter some ideals. Not every solution needs ALM! WHY turn off the ability to create trials? WHY stop makers from using developing in their own developer environments?

We are in the Era of Enablement and people will find a way, so why not enable, but provide the necessary guidance as well.

There will be live demonstrations of (And potentially more):

1. AI Driven solution builds.

2. A Connector Audit.

2. A live, interactive data breach and how to mitigate this.

Additional Info:

This session will leave people with 10 tasks they need to do as soon as they get back to the office to ensure that their organisation is protected. and makers are enabled. The demos are interactive and hard-hitting showing what happens when your low-code ecosystem is not secured. This is scary stuff. Ran this session at MPPC and got great feedback.

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